Matthew Minns Research Consultant

Qualitative Research Specialist


We are specialists in qualitative research.  It's what we love and what we do best.

Qualitative Research
We offer expert moderation, ethnography, co-creation and workshops from a director level researcher with 22 years experience, working with you from start to finish. All without the big agency costs.
We have done 1,000's of interviews. Intelligent and searching research and analysis delivers effective and powerful findings.
See some of our clients, email or call us on 0208 123 9093 to discuss your project.

Car clinics
Automotive experts
With an immense amount of experience and an excellent reputation as reliable and flexible specialists we work directly with clients and as sub-contractors for other suppliers.

Our expertise includes car clinics, workshops, design sessions, segmentation, dealership research, CRM and concept development. Across the world.

Recent projects have focussed on autonomous vehicles, various electric and hybrid vehicles and we are especially trusted for our insight and depth of understanding of both this sector and the broader vicissitudes of both policy and future technologies.

We have undertaken research for the world’s largest manufacturers and most prestigious brands.


Our approach is always flexible, bespoke and focused on bridging yours and the users’ needs.
We help you understand the user experience and gain detailed feedback from website and mobile device users. 
We also offer journey mapping to help clients understand what the customer journey looks like as they seamlessly transition between digital and offline.
Our findings focus on providing actionable insights, specific changes and improving the customer experience.

We believe in the importance of community, the power of engagement and working with communities seeking to empower themselves.

Our expertise includes community audits, engagement and consultation events, participatory research, workshops, training sessions and community reports.

Outputs are always targeted to the audience.

With a background that includes evaluating policy and communication initiatives, running and evaluating arts events and community projects we have the breadth of experience and understanding that allow us to fully monitor, capture and evaluate your project, campaign or policy.

Our genuine passion for practice within the community, experience in research and policy combined with 18 years experience as a co-founder of two successful long running community arts organisations helps us bridge the divide between research, the community and social change.